Tomanin’s “artistic glass factory” is able to offer a wide range of products, all unique and exclusive pieces.

Tie up lead glass, hand painted with the antique technique of “grisaglia” intended for classic environments, but also modern stained glass for the most current living spaces. Hand-engraved, sandblasted and illuminated glass using the most up-to-date lighting technology. Real “luminous painting panels” to be inserted in prestigious environments. Glass sculptures, refined lamps and furnishing accessories, real unique pieces with which you can embellish your home.

Lucky will be the customer who finds the object he seeks among them, but even more fortunate will be the one who, letting himself be transported by art, will be chosen by the work itself“.

The artistic glassware also inaugurated the new “Elisir” line, dedicated to the creation of precious objects for important events such as awards, anniversaries, ceremonies or official visits. Come and discover all the new offers.