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Sandro 900

Sandro Tomanin  is the founder artist of the “Artistic Glass Factory” (Artistic Vetreria) of San Bellino. He is born in Gaeta, near Latina (Italy), March 3rd, 1961, soon after he moved to San Bellino with his mother.Since childhood, the natural talent and artistic virtue are evident, so, after middle school, he attended the “Dosso Dossi” Institute of Art in Ferrara, obtaining the diploma of “Master of Arts” and the artistic maturity in 1980.

Later he moved to Florence where he attended the course for “art and restoration” at Palazzo Spinelli, an experience that is fundamental for the acquisition of antique techniques. The restoration is a work in which he manages to express his maniacal care for details and the perfection of the execution, but too cold and impersonal. So the artist, who in those years lives the moment of greatest creative charge, came back to San Bellino where he began to paint and exhibited in several personal and collective art gallery among these the biennial “young Triveneta expo”.

It is in these years that he receives some commissions from a local glass factory, concerning decorations and paintings on mirrors. This is the opportunity that allows him to acquire the first technical notions on glass working: primarily sandblasting and then lead ligature. Visiting renowned glass laboratories, he obtains information and materials.

For the artist began a self-taught path that led him to fall in love more and more with the “Mestiere”, particulary in the technique of lead bindings and “grisaglia” painting.

The opportunity to continue in what has now become a passion, happen when Sandro receives a new commission from the same glass factory. This means that he can reinvest the proceeds to expand the small home’s garage, where he by now works full-time. Soon this space will not be adequate to the amount of work that now performs, then, in 1990, the laboratory moved to the San Bellino’s squere.

The two brothers, Franco and Fabrizio as well as Rossana, are hired as employees, and, one of the first professional sanders on the market is purchased to better develop the sandblasting technique.

Up to now, the laboratory remains in the square of San Bellino. In 1993 a historic complex was bought which was restored over the years by the Tomanin brothers themselves, and used as an exhibition & laboratory as well as Sandro’s home. The professional evolution has an important moment in 1996, almost a revolution for the artist, who starts working with innovative computer graphic design systems.

One of the first companies in the sector, glassmaking creates, with digital systems, the glass stencil as well as the original sandblasting drawings. Digitize and vectorize all the matrix previously created by hand, creating a vast and important archive. The study of collocation of the works that the computerized graphic, allows the complete and total craftsmanship of the works give an added value to the glassware and to the products offered by it. Since then, the level and quality of the works are constantly evolving, his “ Artistic Vetreria” acquires prestigious commissions. In 1998 the art’s windows of Villa Molin Avezzù were made in Fratta Polesine. Due to this important work: the honor of “Cavaliere del Lavoro” was conferred to Sandro.

In 2000 two stained glass windows were commissioned for the Basilica of San Bellino. In the same Basilica the “Artistic Vetreria” had created and donated to the community two important windows with stories of the life of San Bellino.

The “Artistic Vetreria” also receive commissions from abroad, among the most prestigious creations that for the exclusive Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo, a large sanded and illuminated glass for the Eiffel room. The “Artistic Vetreria” participates in international exhibitions and is constantly expanding.

Over the years, the young Elisabetta and the incomparable and smiling Manuel are also added to the team. Sandro continues to design new works, his fervent creativity gives life to unique and unrepeatable pieces that blend light and color into works that excite and touch the spirit.

Obviously he is an all-round artist and continues to paint: in the splendid showroom there are paintings of his personal collection that he jealously preserves but which do not escape the attentive visitor and make Sandro an eclectic artist to be discovered.